The 10 Most Valuable Art Collections In Hollywood

The 10 Most Valuable Art Collections In Hollywood

Hollywood types are well known for the multi-million paychecks, their homes, their cars, and even the lavish vacations they take. Many of them are also avid art collectors who have amassed valuable and enviable collections. The 10 most valuable art collections in Hollywood range in value from $10 million to more than $2 billion and are owned by actors, producers, attorneys, agents, and studio executives. The collections contain works by Basquiat, Rothko, Picasso, Koons, Matisse, Rockwell and more. Let’s look at the 10 most valuable art collections in Hollywood.

#10. Leonardo DiCaprio
Estimated Value: $10 million
DiCaprio’s collection includes works from Jean-Michel Basquiat and Takashi Murakami.

#9. Michael Ovitz
Estimated Value: #12 million
The former agent and founder of CAA owns works by Pablo Picasso, Jasper Johns, and Mark Rothko. He sits on the board of MoMA and built a villa in the Benedict Canyon area of Los Angeles to house his collection.

#8. Jacob Bloom
Estimated Value: $14 million
The Hollywood attorney and his wife have an art collection with works by Jeff Koons, Matthew Barney, John Baldessari, and Chinese artist Ai Weiwei.

Pablo Picasso’s 1969 oil on canvas “The Kiss” during a preview of the exhibition “Picasso Metamorphosis” at Palazzo Reale in Milan on October 17, 2018. (Photo by MIGUEL MEDINA / AFP)/Getty)

#7. Brad Pitt
Estimated Value: $25 million
In 2009, Pitt reportedly paid $1 million for a painting of a racetrack by the German artist Neo Rauch.

#6. Steve Tisch
Estimated Value: $50 million
The film producer, trustee of LACMA and chairman of the NFL’s New York Giants has an extensive art collection. He donated “The Clock” by Christian Marclay to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

#5. Jack Nicholson
Estimated Value: $150 million
Nicholson has been collecting art since the early days of his career. His collection includes works by Picasso, Magritte, Modigliani, Matisse, and Botero.

#4. Steven Spielberg
Estimated Value: $240 million
The iconic director has a large art collection focused on the Impressionists as well as Norman Rockwell and Edward Hopper.

#2. (tie) Arnon Milchan
Estimated Value: $600 million
The Revenant producer has an art collection with works from Picasso, Francis Bacon, and Vincent Van Gogh.

#2. (tie) George Lucas
Estimated Value: $600 million
The legendary Star Wars filmmaker’s art collection includes works by Norman Rockwell. At one point he planned to open a museum in Chicago called the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art. Those plans were abandoned in 2016.

#1. David Geffen
Estimated Value: $2.3 billion
Geffen’s enormous art collections is worth about a fourth of his $8 billion net worth, even after selling Jackson Pollack’s “Number 5” and Willem de Kooning’s “Woman III” for $277 combined in 2006.

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Source: Celebrity Net Worth