Toni Braxton had a wardrobe MALFUNCTION on the red carpet!

Toni Braxton

It happens even to the best. This week, while attending the LA It’s A Wonderful Lifetime¬†event, Toni Braxton went through a really embarrassing moment.

While she was on the red carpet, smiling to the cameras, one of her…best friends decided to get out of the blouse she was wearing. Careful, you’re about to check out an NSFW-ish photo…

Toni Braxton wardrobe malfunction

However, she didn’t seem to mind, as this just gained her some extra exposure. She even laughed and kept moving after somebody pointed this out.

As a side note, Toni Braxton is one of the few Hollywood figures that never went through plastic surgery procedures in order to augment her body. And you know what? She looks amazing, even at 51! Don’t you think the same thing?