Travis Scott refers to Kylie Jenner as ‘his wife’ on Instagram

A few weeks ago, things weren’t looking so well between Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner, as she suspected him of cheating on her. However, things seem ok now and the latest rumours claim that they are actually married!

And Travis himself raised a lot of question marks with his latest Game of Thrones-themed Instagram post. Check it out below:

Yes, you read that right: “Husband of the Goddess K”.

So what’s up with these two? Are they actually married? We’re looking forward to hearing more about this soon…

As for Travis Scott’s costume, it was used for filming the video for his latest song, “Power is Power”, alongside The Weeknd and SZA, inspired by Game of Thrones.

But still, are him and Kylie Jenner really married and kept it a secret all this time?