Is Travis Scott rocking FAKE braids?

Travis Scott

Travis Scott’s braided hairdo is already a signature but according to a popular stylist, those are actually fake! Looks like his boo is not the only one with fake hair…

“Travis’ braids are extensions, his hair doesn’t grow well, so he has to use extensions,” said the stylist, who preferred to remained anonymous.

“Look at his hair from the Grammy’s in February. And compare them to what it looks like now. His braids grew more than 8 inches in just a few months – that’s not possible.”

As a matter of fact, he does have a point, not to mention that this wouldn’t be a surprise. After all, Travis Scott is dating one of the Kardashian-Jenner girls, known for having a thing for…body modifications.

But still, fake braids? It’s something new for him for sure!