Tristan Thompson doesn’t want Khloe back

Tristan Thompson

Despite the entire scandal over him cheating on Khloe Kardashian, it appears that Tristan Thompson doesn’t even want his baby’s mother back.

“Tristan seems really unfazed by the Jordyn and Khloe drama going on in his life,” a source said for Hollywood Life.

“He’s been acting totally normal and like nothing is wrong at all.”

And this nothing but back up all the claims that Jordyn Woods was not the actual reason behind the relationship between him and Khloe ending. Well, it looks like she was telling the truth after all and the Kardashian-Jenners could take her back into their lives…

Of course, this is really sad, considering that Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian have baby True together, but hey, it won’t be the first time when a member of the family is a single parent…