Tyga’s new girl looks A LOT like Kylie Jenner


Tyga was recently spotted shopping with his new girlfriend, on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. And as soon as everybody saw the images, everybody said that she looks a lot like Kylie Jenner…

Ever since the two broke up, three years ago, the rapper dated a lot of girls, most of them being very young, with long dark hair. You can understand why.

But now it appears that Tyga finally found that perfect replacement! This is him and his new girl:

Tyga and new girlfriend

It appears that the two were shopping at XIV Karats and were accompanied by a massive bodyguard. Is the rapper feeling…threatened?

Anyway, knowing Tyga’s ‘love life’ from the past years, we really wonder if he will turn her into a longtime girlfriend, just like he and Kylie were in the past…