Tyra Banks, body shamed after gaining weight

Tyra Banks

Over the past weeks, Tyra Banks has been constantly criticized on social media, as she gained some serious weight.

Once one of the most famous sueprmodels in the world, she gained over 50 pounds and people are already considering her BBW size. The worst part is that she’s also being body shamed..

But she didn’t remain quiet!

Tyra Banks shared a video on social media, describing what she eats. And…well, it’s pretty obvious now why she gained all that weight.

After a healthy breakfast, the model said that she eats up to 9 bags of snacks, like chips or cookies, and many more.

“Eating is one of the most important things in my life. A lot of the things I do in my life, and my hobby is fast food.”

We just hope that she’ll manage to keep this under control…