Tyra Banks remains a big WIG fan

Tyra Banks

Apparently, Tyra Banks is currently trending in social media, but not for some amazing presentation she took part it.

While at the premiere of her new movie, Life Size 2, she rocked a very impressive outfit, but we just couldn’t ignore the wig she was wearing! Yes, you guessed it, this is what she’s trending for.

And people are seriously criticizing her because even though she’s very rich, Tyra Banks prefers rocking such horrible hairdo.

As for the movie, Life Size 2 is actually a sequel for a 2000 production, where she plays the role of a Barbie-like doll named Eve, who comes to life and helps a young girl deal with her struggles. The second part will premier in just three days!

Still, just look at that wig she’s wearing…absolutely horrible!