Yes, Rihanna put on more weight. AGAIN!


Remember all those talks about Rihanna seeming to lose control and put on a lot of weight from 2018? Well, they’re still not history, as the Barbados-born singer appears to be over 200 lbs now!

Recently, paparazzi got a few snaps of her, while she was out in Los Angeles, and it’s more than obvious that RiRi put on some extra pounds.

However, some people on social media are actually praising the new thick Rihanna, claiming that she now has some proper curves.

This is one of the photos that got everybody talking:

Thick Rihanna

Apparently, she now has a body fat of 31%. But at 5 foot 8 inches tall and 200 lbs that’s a bit too much. In fact, her body mass index should be at over 30, which means that…well, Rihanna is obese!

But did she got that much weight or it’s just a bad angle? What are your thoughts on this?